The Macquarie Bar

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The Macquarie bar is the larger of the two bars at the USMC. Apptly named, The Macquarie and Bogan bar are named respectively from the rivers on the North and South sides of town..

The Macquarie bar

Narromine JETS Bonanza Raffle

This is a great opportunity to support Narromine Rugby League as well as the local community.
All money raised is used to purchase prizes are from businesses within the Narromine Shire.
Monthly Draws for a total of 12 Prizes

Bingo, Keno, Raffles, Weekly Badge Draws, The Interclub Multi-Screen Draw and ‘The Community Club$ Mega Jackpot Draw’ are held weekly in the Macquarie Bar.. Please check the Promotions page for more details.

If you feel like some fresh air or just want to enjoy the beautiful weather during the day, we have a secure open air courtyard directly outside the Macquarie Bar.

Macquarie Bar Narromine

Jazz Program

Seating section of The Macquarie Bar overlooking the stage.

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