Folk Line Dances

(Not Boot Scooting)

Tuesday Nights: John Oxley room
Between 7pm – 8:30pm

“Good fun, good exercise, good people, what more do you need 🙂 ”

Line Dancing has it’s roots in Folk music and contrary to popular belief and modern ‘Country style Dance’ interpretations, Line Dancing does not resemble ‘boot scooting’ except for the fact the people stand in lines and do not have partners. Western style variants of line dancing include Waltz, Polka, Swing, Rock n Roll, Disco, Latin and Jazz.


Folk Line Dances are generally developed by groups of people that create, demonstrate and pass them down through generations to reflect and represent traditional aspects of the local culture. Religious and ritual dances are of ethnic originals whereas Folk Line Dancing is a modern social interpretation and not one for rituatlistic or religious purposes.

Folk Line Dancing in Narromine: Both Ladies and Gentleman are encouraged to attend. Classes are $3 per person with all money raised being donated to local charities such as


Parkinsons NSW

Cancer Council

Narromine Cancer Support Group

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Volunteers Rescue Association

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Fire Rescue

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Learn to Dance the Shim Sham with Frankie Manning and Erin Stevens
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