Happy Hour

Happy Hour: Monday to Thursday 5.00pm – 7.00pm & Saturday 2pm – 6pm.

Schooners: Full Strength Beer $4.40 Light Beer/Mid Strength $3.80

The Narromine USMC has a large variety of facilities to make your visit a comfortable, entertaining experience. With our weekly activities, events, restaurant, live entertainment and TAB there is no shortage of things to do.

Are you are looking for somewhere out of the heat for a cool refreshing drink or have a hot tip on the track?
Maybe you just need a cappuccino from the cafe or indulge in a delicious meal from The Flight Deck. There is
something at the club for the whole family to do.

Easter Egg Raffle

Easter Egg Raffle: Saturday 19th March
Tickets on sale @ 6pm

Monster Seafood Raffle

Monster Seafood Raffle
Tickets On Sale @ 6pm

Happy Hour

Narromine JETS Bonanza Raffle

This is a great opportunity to support Narromine Rugby League as well as the local community.
All money raised is used to purchase prizes are from businesses within the Narromine Shire.
Monthly Draws for a total of 12 Prizes

Click here for full details


U.G.L.Y. (Understanding. Generous. Likeable. You.) Bartender of the Year is the Leukaemia Foundation’s
hospitality industry fundraising competition. Since the campaign’s launch in 2009 U.G.L.Y. Bartenders around
Australia have raised over $8 million to help people with blood cancer.

The Voice of the Outback

The Voice of the Outback is returning to Narromine after last year’s success. The judges will challenge
each other for the best talent from around the region to be on their teams. Fifty-six auditioned last year,
which was reduced to 4 under 18s and four over 18s. We’re looking for the best talent.

After they get through the auditions, contestants will then select songs from the karaoke book to
perform at the live final. The Voice of the Outback also doubles as a fundraiser for a local charity.
It’s a $2 donation to audition for the under 18s and a $5 donation to audition in the over 18s. Last year
the competition raised $4500 for the Children’s Foundation.