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Your search for the best leisure and recreational club ends here at Narromine. We organise weekly events like live entertainment and DJ to exciting games and even self-defence classes like Taekwondo and karate, along with modern and pre-modern line dance sessions.

Restaurant in Narromine


Tickle the taste buds with delicious multi-cuisines that are prepared under the culinary standards. Expert chefs with exceptional culinary skills are always up and ready to serve you a quality dining experience. We make our best efforts to maintain the health and hygiene in all our delicacies. Get the best dining experience with us.

Club in Narromine


Wish to settle down with a well-crafted drink and some music? We offer you three exclusive bars where you get yourself the best drinks in the house. The Macquarie bar, Bogan bar and the Cocktail Lounge are the three crown jewels of this clubhouse. Here you can not only sip and relax but also play amusing games and treat yourself with an amazing dinner.

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    The best pizza here ever I loved it me Mum and dad had Hawaiian pizza it was delicious pizza good effort.


    I worked the late shift and as much as I felt I was prepared for it I was wrong and was slugged like I was a beginner again. The pressure was on. But love the place and really hope everyone had a fabulous night.

    Alex Husy

    Good as usual. The chicken parmy is really for two people, but exactly as we imagined it.


    Meals were generous in proportion and very reasonably priced. And very tasty as well. Beers were cold and well priced. Overall a very positive experience. Will definitely be back.

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