Our dress standards are important in maintaining a high standard of community satisfaction. We ask our members and
guests to be aware of the dress code when planning a visit to the Club to avoid embarrassment and/or not being
permitted entry.

Appearance must be clean and tidy and respectful with shoes to be worn at all times. Entry to the club is at the discretion of management and staff.


Any persons heard using obscene or objectionable language will be asked to leave.Persons found to be abusive and/or offensive to the staff or other members and guests will be escorted from the premises with the possibility of lifetime ban at Managements descretion.

Violence will not be tolerated
Please be mindful and respectful to other patrons and guests at all times.

Dress Code


The Narromine USMC would like to advise that the following articles of clothing are NOT PERMITTED to be worn on club premises.


  • Bike shorts
  • Hats (unless for medical or religious purposes)
  • Inappropriately brief shorts
  • Inappropriate length of skirts, dresses.
  • Revealing clothing for females (at the discretion of management)
  • Torn or ripped clothing


  • Offensive motifs on clothing
  • Hats
  • Torn or ripped clothing
  • Dirty or unhygienic work wear
  • Singlets