Last year, registered clubs allocated more than $100 million to deserving causes through the ClubGRANTS program.

Since the scheme began, clubs have given more than $1 billion to recipients such as Surf Life Saving, the Ted Noffs Foundation, Vision Australia and Legacy. ClubGRANTS funding is available to community groups, charities and sporting teams across NSW. Approximately 500 clubs voluntarily allocate funds to the ClubGRANTS scheme.


Funding is available under three separate categories:


Supports community welfare and social services; community development; employment assistance activities; community health services; and projects aimed at improving the living standards of low income and disadvantaged people.


Provides funding for general community development and support activities, such as junior sport.


Is a state-wide fund that supports large-scale community infrastructure projects, such as hospitals and sporting facilities.


Applying for ClubGRANTS funding is quick and easy.
All funding is processed locally and community groups can contact their local clubs easily and at any time for information and advice. ClubGRANTS is also flexible, allowing clubs to provide support quickly, efficiently, and often as soon as a need emerges.

To be eligible to apply, you must be a not-for-profit organisation and provide the following project and/
or services: community welfare or social services, community development, community health services or employment assistance activities. You are also eligible if you or your organisation is involved in community or professional sport. The ClubGRANTS Application Guide has been prepared to assist prospective applicants navigate the Scheme. The Guide provides general information on the various funding categories, who can apply, how to apply, and reporting requirements. It also provides advice to applicants on how to stand out from the pack and how to say thanks.

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Successful applicants are required to submit a closing report to the funding club upon completion of the project. Applicants should note that clubs and local committees will not consider further funding requests unless a report has been received.

In some cases, a funded project will be only partly underway when a recipient wants to apply for further funding for another project.

In this situation, the applicant may submit a progress report form. If the project has been delayed, the organisation should provide information as to why it has not run to schedule. Recipients should also advise the funding club of any changes in circumstances, such as what the money will be spent on. Organisations must obtain the club’s written approval before making any changes.


Up to $500 Cash Receipt only
Up to $500 In-Kind Letter of acknowledgment from the recipient.
$500 – $5,000 Cash or In-Kind Standard Funding Report + Statutory Declaration
Over $5,000 Standard Funding Report + Statutory Declaration
Over $10,000 Club and benefiting organisation must enter into a formal contract. Please click here to download the Funding Agreement.


There is no standard state-wide closing date for ClubGRANTS Category 1 or 2 funding. Category 1 funding is allocated on the basis of local government areas, and Local Committees set their own deadlines, which vary from area to area.

Clubs allocate Category 2 funding and while some clubs set deadlines, most accept and consider Category 2 applications year-round. Category 2 applicants should contact the individual clubs for more information.