We have always closely associated the term “club” with sporting or disco. No one can ever imagine a club in Narromine having a load full of facilities and amenities like a bar, restaurant, recreation and so on. But what makes Narromine USMC one of the most exclusive clubs in Narromine? To know more read on.

About Narromine USMC

The USMC was founded in 1947 at Narromine. This club in Narromine can comfortably hold up to 800 people. 2 × 250 patrons upstairs and 300 guests below. With ramp access is available from both the street and the club’s entrance, people with disabilities and senior citizens would not find any trouble moving in and out. 

On the ground floor, near to reception, there are restrooms for the elderly and disabled. Apart from these Narromine USMC is also a popular spot for organising 4-6 functions and conferences as per the host’s preference, with adequate amenities for 10-250 people in each hall. Narromine USMC also has private bar facilities with exclusive cocktail counters for all drink enthusiasts. 

What makes USMC different from the other clubs in Narromine?

It is certain that clubs need to have something special to make them exceptional from the others. To everyone’s surprise, Narromine USMC does have plenty of exclusive facilities that is certainly going to put it in a special spot. They are as follows:


Restaurants in Narromine are one of the most popular lookouts for food enthusiasts. And this is where Naromine USMC does not disappoint anyone. The Flight Deck Restaurant(within Narromine USMC)’s Glasshouse in Narromine is a private eating space. The Glasshouse is separated from the rest of the restaurant by a sliding partition, creating a private space for dinners, birthdays, wedding receptions, functions, parties, meetings or any other event when seclusion is desired. 

They also have a few high chairs for the little ones. The USMC Flight Deck restaurant has a delectable cuisine to choose from if you want to serve your visitors more specialised food. There are options for having your event catered by the on-site catering business Taste To Taste.


Care for a sumptuous drink made by a professional mixologist? It is a dream come true. And Narromine USMC offers its patrons one just one but three exclusive bars in Narromine. Macquarie Bar, Bogan Bar and Cocktail Bar are the three proud jewels of this clubhouse. The 

  1. The USMC’s Macquarie bar is the largest of the two bars. The Macquarie and Bogan bars are appropriately named after the rivers on the north and south sides of town, respectively.
  2. Bogan bar is a great spot to chill with your friends or take advantage of the TAB, Trackside and Sportsbet betting options. In the bar, live betting is available via Sky Racing and Fox Sports. 
  3. Flicks Bar is ideal for a small/medium gathering. Do you want to throw a cocktail party for your friends? If that’s the case, Flicks is the place for you! There is a selection of wine, beer and spirits. The Nibbles menu can be used to order finger foods. As additional facilities from Flicks, tables may be relocated to make more room and Taste to Taste catering will provide light to three-course meals for you. There is also a professional kitchen above if you want to self-cater. In the recently remodelled Sky Lounge, there are smoking facilities nearby.

Function and Conference Halls

To provide the best spot for organising functions like parties, conferences, meetings weddings, Narromine USMC has 3 exclusive halls for the purpose. The Ballhausen, John Oxley room, Kiawarra Room. 

  1. The Narromine USMC’s Ballhausen room is a large carpeted room with a wide range of possibilities for hosting just about any event. The room may be divided into two sections by a dividing wall, making it ideal for smaller gatherings, exhibitions and performances. The area can accommodate up to 250 people and features a huge stage, audio and video equipment and a DJ-style control booth.
  2. The great explorer/surveyor who visited the Narromine area in 1818 during the Macquarie river expedition was appropriately titled the John Oxley chamber. The John Oxley room is ideal for corporate functions, presentations, weddings, trade fairs, award ceremonies, formals, discos, weddings, dinner celebrations and other events. There’s a stage, a PA system, a podium and overhead projectors if needed.
  3. The Kiawarra room is the smallest of the USMC’s meeting rooms and is ideal for board meetings, conferences, training sessions and other similar events. There are two doors in the Kiawarra chamber. One entrance leads to the Macquarie Bar, while the other leads to the pathway beside the club, enabling convenient access without having to walk through the club. Here on request, you can get morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea or dinner can be served with a variety of finger foods. Cakes, slices, muffins, biscuits, fruit platters, mixed sandwich platters and scones tea/coffee stations are also available for serving.

Recreational Activities

Among recreational activities, Narromine USMC organises Karate, Line dancing and other monthly entertainment that are updated on regular basis.

  1. Hanshi Michael Ireland created TE ASHI KAI SHIN Australasian Karate in 1989. The Shotokan system is the foundation of the style. Through Grand Master Kancho Te Rupe, Narromine USMC has a close relationship with the International Karate Association (I.K.A.). Here the disciples are taught how to use traditional weapons and their evolution over time, with karate training in Narromine. Hanshi Michael Ireland has over 30 years of martial arts experience and is well trained in the traditional methods that he blends with a modern approach to merge effortlessly into our daily lives.
  2. Line Dancing in Narroine has its origins in folk music and contrary to common assumptions and modern interpretations of ‘Country style Dance,’ it is not similar to ‘boot scooting,’ save that participants stand in lines and do not dance with partners. Waltz, Polka, Swing, Rock & Roll, Disco, Latin and Jazz are all examples of Western-style line dance.

Special Celebrations

  • Anzac Day

On this historic occasion, the community turns out in droves. Young and old gathered to pay tribute to the fallen and returning heroes. Like every year the Dawn Service starts the event with a large audience gathered at the War Memorial to commemorate the anniversary. Since 1924, the Cenotaph, located in the heart of town, has served as a memorial. The USMC hosts a free breakfast following the Dawn Service.

  • Melbourne Cup

One of Australia’s most prestigious thoroughbred horse races is the Melbourne Cup. It’s a 3,200-meter race for three years and above. The Victorian Racing Club hosts the Melbourne Cup every year at the Flemington racecourses in Melbourne. Flemington Racecourse is Australia’s most well-known and longest-running urban racetrack. It is the country’s most important racing venue and it was included in the National Heritage List in 2006.

  • Christmas and New Year celebration

During Christmas and New Year’s Eve, the club is always buzzing with excitement. Toy Raffles starts around two weeks before Christmas Eve at ‘Bobs’ Santa Sack.’ For ‘Bobs’ Santa Sack,’ about 60 separate Toy Raffles are held, with the winner of each being able to choose a prefered prize per winning ticket until the Santa sack is empty. And not to forget the New year celebrations are worth cherishing in Narromine USMC. Narromine USMC also organises Ham and Raffles as a part of the Christmas and New Year Celebration.

Catering Services

Narromine USMC is proud to present its exclusive catering services to everyone who is willing to organise important events like weddings and formal dinings in the Narromine USMC club.

  • Weddings

On your wedding day, Narromine USMC will lavishly treat you. Everything will be set up just how you want it. With USMC you are certain to get delectable food and beverages as well as meticulous attention to detail and competent courteous service. Narromine USMC will cherish the day through your eyes and do everything possible to make it memorable.

  • Formal Dining

Whether it’s a black-tie dinner, a charity event, a testimonial, a cocktail party, or a sporting event, Narromine USMC has got you covered. For large formal parties, you can get finger foods, snacks, canapes or multi-course meals. Rest assured that Narromine USMC will take care of everything, allowing you to relax and enjoy with your guests.

Gaming Activities

Gaming activities are organised in Narromine USMC and they are extremely entertaining and highly rewarding. 

  1. Hariot Draw and Badge Draw are exclusive for club members and are held on the second Sunday and every Friday of each month respectively. Quarterly draws take place every three months on the last Sunday of every quarter. 
  2. Meat raffles like easter egg raffles, seafood raffles take place every Friday and Sunday night and have 31 draws each week.
  3. Bingo is organised in the Macquire Bar on Thursday. Club bingo is a never played and exciting game that includes hoi, alphy and wild cards. Don’t worry all the games are legit since the club is registered under Registered Clubs Act 1976 and such games are only to attract patrons.
  4. Keno is a simple and enjoyable game that is played every 3 minutes for the duration of the club hours. From the 80 numbers on the Keno display screen, 20 are chosen. Match your numbers to the numbers drawn for a chance to win over $1,000,000 for as little as $1!
  5. Tab is hosted by Tabcorp, a diversified entertainment group and a leader in Australian wagering, gaming services, racing media and keno markets. TAB.com.au, Luxbet, Sky Racing, Sky Sports Radio, Tabcorp Gaming Solutions (TGS) and Keno are among Tabcorp’s largest customer brands in Australia, serving millions of customers each year.
  6. Sports betting is a popular category and activity at Narromine USMC. Since its inception in 1993, Sportsbet.com.au has established itself as Australia’s foremost betting and entertainment platform. Sportsbet.com.au provides a wide selection of wagering opportunities on Australian and worldwide horse racing and sporting events. Narromine USMC has a specialised team at sportsbet.com.au to help members participate in the game. 
  7. Trackside is the TAB’s wildly popular animated racing game, which blends the thrills and bet varieties of thoroughbred and greyhound racing with the ease and payout qualities of a variety of other games.
  8. Free Pool as the name suggests, is a common game that can be enjoyed by everyone with the convenience of an air-conditioned environment, chilled beer and some delightful snacks or finger foods.

Taxi Service

In July 2014, the USMC purchased the local taxi service to assist the Narromine Shire community by providing transportation for residents who need it for shopping, commuting to and from work and assisting the disabled, disadvantaged and elderly in safely getting around town.