Steps to Planning a Business Dinner Party in a restaurant in Narromine


BY: Admin 16 Nov 2018

For once in a lifetime, we all have experienced the extravaganzas of attending a corporate dinner party, or a business dinner party. Whether you are the owner of a startup business or the CEO of a large enterprise, hosting a business dinner can be a great way to interact with colleagues and clients personally.

Here we are going to guide you step by step on how to host/organise a business dinner party at any of the best dinner places or restaurants in Narromine.


First, you need to determine the purpose behind the dinner party that you are planning. Business dinners are usually organised at any renowned restaurants or best dinner places in Narromine. The main reason to organise such parties is to generate new clients, finalise any pending deals or celebrate the success of the business.


You need to choose a date or time that works well with everyone’s schedule. Business dinner parties usually last for around 2-3 hours, so you need to plan your party’s starting and ending times accordingly. Make sure that you don’t rush the guests and at the same time ensure to keep the flow of the evening, especially in situations where a special toast, a speech or presentation is involved.


Properly plan the guest’s list and include the names of every person you are willing to invite to your business dinner party. Don’t forget that colleagues or clients might bring their spouses along, so keep an account for them while you make the invitation list.


The most vital step is choosing the dining place in Narromine for the dinner party. Ideally, organising the dinner party at a restaurant in Narromine like Narromine USMC can cut down the pressure of cooking, serving, decoration or any other preparations you might have to handle. Even if you have enough space to plan a dinner party with limited guests it is always best to host the dinner at any dining place in Narromine.


Make sure to visit the dining place where you are willing to host the party. Select the best seat in your chosen dining place at the restaurant in Narromine. Make the sitting arrangements in an area with the best ambience which includes views and lighting. Finally, make the reservation for the area according to the date and time of the event.


Make a simple yet formal invitation for all your guests, which should include the date, time as well as directions to the venue. Ask your guests to provide you with any dietary exceptions such as being vegetarian or having any food allergies. Remember to send the invitations a couple of weeks before the actual dinner party.


Contact your chosen restaurant in Narromine to plan the menu for the business dinner, which should include the appetizers, soups, salads, entrees, desserts and cocktails. Consult the gourmet chef to pair the right selection of wines that goes with the meal beforehand, so that the servers know what to serve at the table on the dinner party night.


Ask the restaurant/dining place to provide you with the printed menu cards for the event. You can also request to have some cards printed post-finalizing the menu. Mention the servers to properly display the menu at each of the seats at the dinner evening.


Properly plan a seating arrangement chart and place the cards for each of the guests. Make sure to place the guests in seats that provide a clear and best view of the entire room. You can consider positioning yourself at the head of the table if there’s no guest of honour so that you can properly gather the attention of the guests.


Respect the value of time and make sure to arrive at the restaurant at least an hour ahead of the scheduled time to double-check the complete set-up or make any last-minute changes to the details. As the guests start to arrive, ensure to greet them and help them find their proper seats. Don’t forget the purpose of the business dinner and encourage interactions between the guests who have never met each other before.