Different Types of Restaurants in Narromine


BY: Admin 16 Nov 2018

From wonderful decor to mesmerising ambience there are several restaurants in Narromine that feature a three-course menu along with beautifully crafted cocktails. While the range of dining places in Narromine continues to expand sorting them according to their category can be tricky at times.

Some of the best dinner places in Narromine have their own distinctive ambience and feel, it is still possible to categorize between restaurants based on their services. We have composed a list of the most popular types of restaurants for your easier understanding.

Different kinds of Restaurants in Narromine

Below we have detailed the 10 common types of restaurants you can find in Narromine.

  1. Fine Dining

Fine-Dining Restaurants in Narromine

A majority of the population might visit high-end fine dining establishments in Narromine for all special occasions like an anniversary, wedding or birthday. The best of the fine-dining restaurants available in Narromine can be characterised by the following:

  • Formal dress code and with a fine dining decorum
  • Expensive decor with a formal atmosphere
  • Staff members are usually highly attentive and follow some specific etiquette while taking orders or serving meals
  • The menus might feature exotic dishes with interesting ingredients
  • Some of the best dining places in Narromine even have wine stewards to help you pair the right wine with the food
  • They can be extremely expensive and cost a fortune for a meal or two.
  1. Casual Dining

The ambience of the casual dining restaurants in Narromine varies accordingly based on the brand as well as the intended customer base, but most of them share the mentioned qualities:

  • The moderate price of the menus
  • Responsive Table service
  • Have a low-key atmosphere
  • Special decor
  1. Contemporary

Contemporary-casual restaurants in Narromine

Contemporary-casual restaurants in Narromine have recently emerged. Such restaurants are modern, trendy and have a distinct brand. Many of them follow eco-friendly customs and serve unique yet healthy food options including fusion cuisine.

  • Have the usual table service
  • Has modern casual to the trendy atmosphere
  • Pay more attention to details on visuals with food presentation and Instagram-worthy decor
  • They are moderately pricey
  1. Family Style Restaurants in Narromine

Some of the family-styled restaurants only serve shareable platters. While the other restaurants offer both family-style options and options for individual dishes. Below are common traits of a family-style restaurant:

  • The Food is served on large platters for sharing
  • Good table service
  • Guests pass around the dishes to serve themselves
  • Many of them have a casual atmosphere along with upscale family-style restaurants
  • They can be highly expensive depending on the brand
  1. Fast Casual

Fast-casual restaurants are quickie rising in numbers to serve people who are looking for a quick bite that is healthier than fast food yet more affordable than most dine-in places. Most of the fast-casual restaurants come with the following characteristics:

  • The quality of food is comparatively healthier and better than fast food joints
  • Have a prompt counter service
  • Displays casual, contemporary decor and environment
  • The prices are moderate which means they are usually higher than the fast-food joints but lower than the casual dining
  1. Fast Food

Most of us are familiar with some of the most popular fast-food joints/restaurants, like McDonald’s or Taco Bell. Below are the features shared by most of the fast-food restaurants:

  • They focus on quick service
  • Have counter service or drive-thrus
  • Usually have a chain and serves standardized food made of processed ingredients
  • Have a casual ambience
  • The food is served in disposable plastic containers, food trays or to-go bowls
  • They are extremely cheap and affordable for diners
  1. Cafe

Cafe Restaurants

Whether you are looking for a quick cup of coffee while going to work or meeting with an old friend, cafes are an ideal space that serves different purposes. Most cafes come with the following attributes:

  • Known to serve coffee, pastries, tea or small items for breakfast or lunch
  • Have a casual and relaxed atmosphere
  • Mostly people come here to work or socialize for a longer  time at a cafe
  • They are moderately priced
  1. Buffet

Buffets Restaurants in Narromine

Buffets allow you to customise your dining with a wide array of options to select from. Some buffets are referred to as “All You Can Eat” restaurants and mostly feature theme buffets like  Chinese or Indian food. The common features of a buffet:

  • An assortment of food available at a fixed rate
  • Food served on buffet bars favours guests to serve themselves
  • Includes a modest to an extensive selection that includes salad, soup, appetizers, hot entrees, desserts even fruit/fruit salads)
  • Can be based on one or multiple cuisines
  • Usually, come with a casual but elegant decor
  • Price is moderate
  1. Food Trucks or Concession Stands

Food Trucks Restaurants in Narromine

Food trucks or concession stands can come in different and various forms. They might be a street falafel food truck, a hot dog stand and even a burger food truck. Food stands or food trucks are highly convenient options. Here owners purchase a small mobile unit (food truck/stand) instead of renting, purchasing or constructing a large space. While the food types and quality can vary accordingly, most of the food trucks or concession stands have the following features:

  • They normally serve a single menu of food like hot dogs, burgers, ice cream, sandwiches, fried foods, smoothies and so on.
  • They are conveniently found outdoors, usually near sporting events, fairs or casually on the city streets
  • The food served is either partially cooked or made before(pre-made)
  • They are affordable to moderately priced
  1. Ghost Restaurants

Ghost Restaurants in Narromine

Ghost restaurants are popularly known as delivery-only restaurants or virtual restaurants. They have a minimized overhead cost for the chefs and owners to focus more on efficiency in developing quality culinary creations. With more flexibility to upgrade or change their menus they only need to update their online websites instead of physical copies. Most of the ghost restaurants have the following characteristics:

    • They offer deliveries only
    • Has a partnership with third-party delivery services like UberEats
    • No physical location
    • Wide variety of food types
  • An influential website with a strong social media presence
  • The pricing is moderate yet affordable

With the restaurants in Narromine continuing to grow, new emerging innovations and concepts continue to take on the classic restaurant types and are compelled to come to light. If you are willing to start your own restaurant you can consider spinning it based on the above-mentioned restaurant styles.