Although pizza originally came from Italy, it has traveled a long way with various changes in flavour and ingredients. Pizza has become one of the most popular cuisines that are served with pleasure in our restaurant in Narromine. Being one of the people’s choices as one of the best dinner places in Narromine, we have placed pizzas in our menu and takeaways/delivery list.

But what is exactly lovable in Narromine USMC’s pizza menu? Let us find out.

Best Pizza in Narromine

  • Super Supreme Pizza

Just like the name, this pizza is one of the best tasting pizzas at our dining place in Narromine. Loaded with fresh ingredients like pepperoni, cheese, onion, capsicum, mushroom, pineapple, beef, bacon, sausage, olives, and pesto sauce. If you have an appetite, then this “sauce base” super supreme pizza can be your right choice. With a huge load of both protein and fresh vegetables, this is a full value meal in a sitting. We exactly don’t know about the inventor but whoever it is, we are forever grateful to them!

  • Hawaiian Pizza

This is another delightful pizza on the menu at our restaurant in Narromine. The Hawaiian pizza is packed with cheese, ham, and pineapple placed in a sauce base. However, this odd mix of the toppings is certainly a matter of personal preference. Although this pizza isn’t going away anytime sooner from our menu because our diners love it! This pizza was originally made in Canada by a Greek man, Sam Panopulous in 1962. It was actually created while experiencing until he realised that this was something amazing and the combination instantly took off.

  • BBQ Meat Lover Pizza

BBQ Meat lover is a full-time carnivore delight that is far from the original Italian pizza (which is completely vegetarian, garlic, cheese, and basic with no sauce). This tasty pizza is fully jam-packed with all ranges of meat like ham, beef, and bacon. Apart from meats, this pizza contains cheese, onion, and pesto sauce placed on BBQ sauce or tomato sauce base. Our BBQ meat lover pizza is a lot to handle for hardcore meatatarians and certainly their first preference. This delightful item from our menu is definitely heart-winning!

  • BBQ Chicken Pizza

The sound of BBQ chicken pizza isn’t quite shocking nowadays, it was quite strange back in 1985! Filled with BBQ chicken, more chicken with pesto sauce, cheese, onion, and mushrooms on a BBQ base, this pizza tantalises the taste buds. This classic dish was originally created by Chef Ed Ladou, who is pretty much known for his strange yet amazing pizza recipes. However, we are grateful to him for this wonderful creation that has helped us win many hearts.

  • Cheese Lover Pizza

Who doesn’t love cheese? Well, if you are a cheese lover, then you are going to appreciate this cheesy loaded pizza from us. Made with love, this cheesy tasty dish contains lots of parmesan cheese, mozzarella cheeses, and cheddar cheese on a tomato base. According to our customers, this cheese-topped pizza outranks all other pizzas as the best pizza in Narromine for vegetarians.

  • Vegetarian Supreme Pizza

Being a humble vegetarian are you interested in treating yourself to a huge serving of vegetarian pizza? We have included just the right vegan pizza in our menu to tickle your tastebuds. Our vegetarian supreme pizza is filled with cheese, spinach, onion, capsicum, tomato, mushroom, pineapple, olive, oregano, garlic with pesto sauce, all topped on a tomato base. Interesting right? What more can a vegetarian pizza be like? Come over and help yourself with a heap load of cheese and veggies with this savory delight.

  • Garlic Prawns Pizza

Carving for seafood? But in the mood for a pizza? We can make your dream come true. With cheese, spinach, onion, tomato, prawns, garlic, and pesto sauce topped in a tomato base, this garlic prawns pizza is a sure hit! Juicy prawns combined with the other zesty topping help yourself with a food experience that you are never going to forget.

P.S: Guests with food allergies, especially with prawns, kindly help yourself with the other delightful pizzas available on the menu. We do not want you risking your health.

  • Tandoori Chicken Pizza

This is where the “East Meets West”. Tandoori chicken in a pizza, a perfect way to meet your western food cravings with the eastern flavours. We have included this tangy spicy pizza in our menu based on popular demands from our pizza connoisseurs. Indian tandoori is pretty much famous all around the world. We will present it to you in a pizza. Our tandoori chicken pizza includes large portions of tandoori roast chicken, cheese, tomato, onion, tomato with mint sauce in a tomato base. This flavour-packed pizza delivers you heavenly pleasure with each bite.

  • Create Your Own Pizza

For interested foodies, we also bring to you the option of crafting your own pizza in Narromine USMC. The combinations are yours and the ingredients are on us. You can choose any four toppings on tomato base or BBQ base. What more? Step in and dig into any pizza of your choice.

We are extremely pleased and delighted to bring you some of the exciting and flavoursome pizzas in Narromine. So whether you plan to hang out with your friends or stop by for a pizza date, Narromine USMC welcomes you all.