Best Dinner Places in the World to Visit


BY: Admin 16 Nov 2018

Earlier this year our popular food critics have been moving around the world trip to look out for the top restaurants in Narromine (Australia), New Zealand, Latin America, and the Caribbean Islands. Our tasting tour began with the best dinner place in Narromine and gradually moved to the rest of the food tour in different places around the world.

With global hospitality in a critical crisis, it seems more crucial to recognise the significant works done by chefs all around the world. But for now, we are presenting to your some of the best restaurants that have occupied the list of the year’s best restaurants.

Pasture in Auckland (New Zealand)

Pasture in Auckland

One of the best restaurants in New Zealand, Pasture looks and sounds much like any other fine-dining place. We were pleasantly surprised during our late summer meal, which was served at a counter to only twelve guests each evening, six at a single time.  In the front of this Auckland based restaurant, a wood fire glazed in a multi-utility oven, with meat, fish & vegetables hanged near the heat or nestled in the coal. The meal comprised of more than one dish that truly amazed us and leaving us to enjoy the savoury course. Our 120 day aged Wagyu steak is undoubtedly one of the best pieces of juiciest red meat that we have tasted in years.

Lasai in Rio de janeiro (Brazil)

Lasai in Rio de janeiro

Upon tasting the dishes, it would be easy to tell you that chefs use only ingredients from the state for the multi-course tasting menus at Lasai. Many of those ingredients come from the chef’s own garden. The airy and modern feel of the townhouse dining room is supposedly the inspiration for the cooking. There is a subtle vibrancy to everything that arrives at the restaurant table, from delightfully flavoured cocktails to well-composed dishes that are served throughout the evening with thoughtfully chosen wine as pairings. The star chef of the Lasai is the main reason behind the bright & tantalising dishes of the restaurant in Brazil.

El Chato in Bogota (Colombia)

El Chato in Bogota

Nowhere in Colombia can you find the colourful personality of the country better than El Chato, a brick-floored restaurant that is bustling with good vibes. Guests chattering over the soundtrack of Grace Jones and Talking Heads, a serious cocktail program with a tropical twist adds to the fun. Crab with avocado, cilantro, and funky fermented jicama is one hell of a dish. Dining here at El Chato restaurant in Colombia is one great experience to cherish for life.

Jacinto in Montevideo (Uruguay)

Jacinto in Montevideo

If you are lucky enough to find yourself in Uruguay in the late summer, you’ll discover a culture that is full of celebrations at its peak. Jacinto is closely known as deep red tomatoes that are paired with juicy peach wedges, creamy mozzarella, avocados, pestos with a smattering of crispy black rice. This attractive restaurant, cafe, and bakery sitting on a cobblestone street just off the Zabala Square in the old place of Montevideo is a star place to hang out. Our dishes had Italian inflections but the combination of the restaurant’s charms makes it remarkable. Diners like myself would happily eat three or even four meals a day at this restaurant in Uruguay and never get bored of it.

Glasshouse in Narromine (Australia)

Our last visit was to the Glasshouse restaurant in Narromine USMC. Glasshouse is an exclusive and private dining area of the Flight Deck Restaurant. The glasshouse is separate from the rest of the restaurant with a sliding partition. This unique private space has been created for dinner reservations, birthday parties, receptions, social gatherings, or any function that might need any privacy.

We of course needed some privacy on our dinner reservations which why we selected the Glasshouse. The mouthwatering menu from the restaurant is what we loved the most. Not to mention this clubhouse has 3 noteworthy cocktail bars in Narromine for some of the well-crafted drinks to relish. This restaurant in narromine also specialises in customisation of the cuisines for the guests. As a worthy try for food connoisseurs.