5 Best Ways for Marketing Your Dining Place in Narromine during COVID 19


BY: Admin 16 Nov 2018

If you have previously worked in any of the best dining places in Narromine, you might be familiar with the bustling scenario in the kitchen with chefs yelling and waiters rushing to take in and take out orders. However noisy the kitchen might be, this kind of communication is a classic sign of a well-running kitchen. But at this age of COVID 19, all dining places across the world are quiet, for the first time. 

During this difficult time, even the best dining places and bars in Narromine are struggling hard to sustain and survive in the industry. Some of the best and popular dinner places in Narromine have found new ways to stay ahead and agile while remaining true to their objectives. Some of them have adopted third-party delivery services and pick up since we are already in the age of modernisation and social distancing.

For all the dining and dinner places in Narromine looking for new ideas to promote their dining place or bar, here are 5 best strategies that can help your business sustain in this global crisis.

  • Selling meals and cocktail kits

    We know that your dinner place and cocktail bar in Narromine is going through a tough time due to the strict regulation as allotted by the health officials. Buying a meal is an advantage in itself the whole experience is something that can never be replaced. Like some dining places, you can consider selling meals and cocktail kits that might allow your regular customers to craft their own restaurant-quality food and drinks at their homes. The best part of this initiative is that this does not offer to replicate the dining or dinner experience but is an appealing alternative to keep your account running.

  • Hosting online cooking and cocktail crafting classes

    Once I had seen a bartender colleague of mine who offers online classes for around $15 an hour on “How to craft cocktails at home”. This initiative actually got me thinking about how to dinner places can bring the experience of any cocktail bar in Narromine to people’s homes. Like local breweries and distilleries offer virtual classes on Youtube or any other public platform, you can consider offering online coaching classes through Facebook and Instagram to reach your public and audience.


  • Try and Share Recipes (Even secret ones!!)

    One of the most sought pieces of a restaurant is its recipes. Some are constantly improvised and some have remained for generations. Big brands like to follow their tradition and people do keep an eye on them. Social distancing could not break the foodie’s spirit so some of the best dining places in Narromine have released their secret recipes to the people, for the first time.

    If you own a dinner place or cocktail bar in Narromine with your age long-secret recipe, your restaurant might have some followers who are waiting for the big reveal. However, we believe that meal kits are a superb means to send the items over and not spill the beans completely. But if you are willing to share the secret, this might be a great way to keep your customers engaged and earn your share of respect.


  • Switching up the social ads

    With millions of Australians working from home, they have been sticking with the same old routine each and every day. As a professional, it is hard to break this vicious cycle of a monotonous lifestyle. This is when people sometimes go through their social media feed to find something interesting to relish on. You can consider promoting your business or dining place in Narromine with some high-quality photos and promotional code for a delightful treat. Also, you can use these promo offers and ads to take people to your dinner place’s official website instead of any third-party apps like Uber eats. This can save your amount and help optimise your funds.


  • Adding of donated meals to the menu

    We understand that your bar and restaurant have taken a hit in the revenue due to this dreadful pandemic, but even the best of dinner places in Narrmine has chosen to give back something to the community during such crucial times. Doctors and nurses from all over the world working selflessly to save the world from this deadly pandemic. Sometimes the best way to offer our gratitude is through a warm and delicious meal that is completely free of charge. This kind gesture only can help boost their confidence but its also works wonder for securing brand loyalty. You can trust us on that! Some dining places let the user purchase donated means for the healthcare workers with an option of doorstep delivery. Either way, this little kind gesture and help your dinner place go a long way.

According to studies, even the best dining places and bars in Narromine are currently fighting to survive during this uncertain period. By implementing these mentioned strategies you can reinforce a connection between your dinner place and your diners so that your business can stay agile while staying true to the mission. During this COVID 19 pandemic, people are still searching for restaurants that are offering the same amount of comfort that was being provided just a few months before. Although the mode of operation might be different for the time being, it is time to hear your diners more than you did before.